There was a lengthy discussion at the Bankson Lake Association’s May meeting concerning the possibility of declaring Bankson Lake a no-wake lake due to the current high water situation. 

Bankson Lake Association has no authority to declare a no-wake (even on a temporary basis) or legally enforce a no-wake policy.

At the May lake association meeting it was decided that the lake association would not seek to get an official no-wake designation but that the association is asking all lake residents to be mindful of the current high water situation and the detrimental effect that wakes have on lower elevation homes and the entire lake’s shoreline. Also, some lake residents will post signs on their shoreline’s saying ‘No Wake Please’ to remind boaters to be considerate of the high water levels. 

Per information I have received via a third party, here’s what it takes to declare a no-wake (per state attorney general):
Petition to DNR by lake property owners and/or local government.  DNR must decide that a safety problem exists.  Then a public hearing must be held.  If the DNR decides to impose a rule it cannot be effective unless the local municipality also enacts the rule without changes.  If it passes it becomes enforceable by local law enforcement. On a temporary basis local government or the governor can issue a declaration.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that in order to go back to active boating/all-sport lake status we would have to unravel this through the legal system again (or something to that effect). If we enact any permanent change, once the water level returns to a normal level, that does not mean we can resume all boating activities automatically. 

Again, at this time, the Bankson Lake Association has decided that the lake association would not seek to get an official no-wake designation. 

Also, if you are a Bankson Lake Landing Representative (Director) and would like to get this information to lake residents who you believe may not be on the lake’s email list, feel free to print this email and distribute a hard copy. 

Thank you.

Mark DiJulio.  Bankson Lake Association President.

Flood Relief for Bankson Lake

Jackie Burke and Barb Pschigoda have been going around to Bankson Lake residents with a petition concerning potential flood relief for Bankson Lake.

Below is some supporting information concerning the petition.


People we were advised by, for this issue:


  • ProgressiveAE - Paul Hausler biologist, Tony Groves lake management Engineer and Pam Tyning lake management.

  • Attorney's office- Harold Schuitmaker and his assistant Pam Strong.

  • DEQ for Van Buren County, Darrick Haroldson.

  • Van Buren County Drain Commissioner, Joe Parman.

     Joe Parman the Van Buren County Drain Commissioner has been receiving calls about our lake level issues.  Plus he was aware of the Public Access closing.  The Van Buren County Road Commission also had to repair the erosion and beaver/muskrat damage along 80th Ave. 

  1. He has written up a Petition for Maintenance and Improvement of a Drain under Chapter 8 of the public act 40 of 1956, as amended to alleviate drainage issues in and around Bankson Lake. 

  2. A Public Board hearing is to be set up by Van Buren County Drain department with the determination of Necessity And Practicality by the board. He said it will probably be @ Porter Township Hall and it will be announced in the paper and on the Van Buren Website [we will also announce it here once a date has been set - BLA]

  3. An Engineering study will be done.

  4. The route of the drain will be from the South end of Bankson Lake and go to the Van-Cass Drain which is 1/4 mile North from 90th Ave. by Mud Lake.

     Joe Parman, the Drain Commissioner, asked Barb Pschigoda and Jackie Burke to get the petition signatures and return them to his office as soon as possible.

2018 Initial Plant Survey

We have tentatively scheduled the initial survey of Bankson Lake for Monday, May 21. We should arrive at the DNR boat launch around 9:30 am. If you would like to join us for the survey, please let me know so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Below is the new plant survey map that should increase the accuracy of survey data. Also blow is an article explaining the merits of plant surveys for aquatic plant management.

Upcoming Events

Band concert on the Lake

The Band Avon Dale will perform a concert on the evening of Saturday July 6, 2019 at the South end of the lake.  Cash donations for the band during the concert will be collected by kayak as usual.  Visit  They are also on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.  Please visit their website for news and information about their new album Whiskey & Sherbert.  The lead singer of this Blues rock band, Conrad, is direct from our own Polz family on Beechwood Isle in the A frame and we welcome everyone to come on your boat, drop anchor off shore, bring your favorite beverage and some cash.  CD's and shirts will be available for purchase.  The Bankson Lake concert is one of their favorites so please help us support them.



1st Lake Association Meeting of 2019

The first Bankson Lake Association meeting of 2019 was held Saturday May 18th at 9am at Miracle Camp Lodge, 2nd Floor.



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